Cleansing Your Body with Stone Soap

A Thai artist has developed a stone soap created from her family herbal soap business. Inspired by nature, Wanna Unnafakung, Managing Director of Unnafakung, has added value and creativity to a simp [Read More]

  • Snacking on Full Fish

Snacking on Full Fish

A Thai fish snack manufacturer reveals the secret to his family’s success exporting to countries in the CLMV cluster and beyond, and his reasons for joining the ThaiFEX-World of Food Asia each year. [Read More]

  • Fresh-Snacks-from-Oven-to-Export

Fresh Snacks from Oven to Export

Little Farm has developed from a simple shop to exporting to various countries due to its passion for delicious snacks and a determination to develop new flavours. Snacks are a growing industry, es [Read More]

  • Innovative Printing Technology with TSGA

Innovative Printing Technology with TSGA

The printing industry in Thailand is essential for other industries such as packaging, media and textiles. Manufacturers are now offering a wider range of products that can be made at a lower price b [Read More]