BANGKOK, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- From the crunchy yellow flesh of the jackfruit, that weighs as much as 25 kilograms and can be eaten fresh or cooked as a meat substitute, to the natural coconut water enjoying growing popularity due to its health benefits and innovative packaging that preserve freshness while making it easy to drink, Thailand's diversified exotic fruit exports are gaining ground among health-conscious consumers around the world, data shows.

  • World market trends favour more eco-friendly, safe and innovative toys.
  • Blue Ribbon wooden toys are designed to promote children's development and be sustainable.
  • Joining trade exhibitions is a good way to increase sales and follow market trends.

A recent report by the DITP’s office in the US shows that demand for eco-friendly and recyclable toys is on the rise.

Exports of Thai toys will grow by 10% in 2023, the equivalent of US$300 million, according to forecasts by the Thai Toys and Children Products Trade Association. It foresees that eco-friendly and safe toys are new trends among parents and schools, as the world moves toward sustainability and innovation.

  • Mud More Value converts waste from dairy farms to create added value designs.
  • The company believes in creating fabrics using circular economy and sustainability.
  • It is now prepared to penetrate international markets.

Developed from local wisdom, Mud More Value fabric products can respond to the current emerging BCG circular economy trend. The brand uses cow manure from an organic dairy farm to dye fabrics, thus creating eco-community products that provide natural colours in unique earthen tones.


  • Mana Orchid is a Thai orchid farm focused on plant breeding and scientific methods, creating hundreds of new orchid breeds.
  • They have discovered that one orchid breed is heavy in antioxidants; it has been developed into food products.
  • A brand-new serum made from Black Orchid Extract was launched to reach a wider market in the near future.

“Plant breeding has always been at the heart of our orchid business, from the beginning to the present,” says Akenat Kujaroenchaimanatee, the founder and owner of Mana Orchid, an orchid farm that spreads across 60 acres in Nakhon Pathom province.

  • Powco is the world's first and only energy gel made from natural aromatic Thai coconuts.
  • Thai coconut water is high in potassium which can prevent cramps for athletes.
  • Thai food industry has great potential for innovation.

Thanada Thomas has turned personal tragedy, losing both of her parents to cancer, into the motivation for developing the world’s first and only energy gel made from Thai aromatic coconuts.

“Since I studied pharmacy, I have learned about holistic health and found there are many options for patients that may not require chemotherapy treatment,” says the CEO of Powco Potassium Energy. “The best preventive practice is to eat medicinal food.”

  • Viya Crab stems from a family business that started selling fresh seafood at markets.
  • Now the company exports quality canned seafood internationally under the Siam Crab brand.
  • Online marketing has seen an increase in sales domestically through Facebook Fanpage.

“When talking about crabs, many foreigners would say that Thai crabs are the most delicious,” says Madina Laojaroen, Deputy Managing Director of Viya Crab. “As Thai products are considered premium by international customers, we named our brand Siam Crab to communicate that they come from Thailand.”


  • Trade between Thailand and Saudi Arabia has increased by over 20% after restoring diplomatic relations in 2022.
  • Saudi Arabia requires raw materials and industrial products from Thailand due to its remarkable economic and social advancements.
  • Thailand plans to introduce new products to the Saudi market through the signing of MOUs, the establishment of the Thai-Saudi Business Council, and the showcase of Thai products in Saudi exhibitions.

Following the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia in 2022, trade between the two nations has seen a significant upswing. Thailand's exports to Saudi Arabia surged by over 20% last year. The Director of the Thai Trade Office in Jeddah, Apichat Prasertsud, shed light on this economic progress.

- Canada is a vital market for Thai premium-grade rice.
- Thai Trade Center promoting Thai rice through “Think Rice, Think Thailand” campaign.
- Thai business should focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles.

As the fourth largest importer of Thai Hom Mali rice, Canada is an important market for Thai rice exports.

According to Wiwan Srirubsukha, Consul Commercial and Director of the Thai Trade Center Toronto, Canada imports more than 400,000 tonnes of rice each year, of which 20% is from Thailand, following the US (51%). More than 75% of Thai rice exported to Canada is either Hom Mali or premium rice.

- Thailand could utilise its soft power from TV and films to penetrate Korean market.
-Korean consumers value BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) products and green packaging.
-The Thai Trade Center has promoted exports through a series of activities.

Thailand’s soft power, such as its TV series and films, could assist exporters to reach the South Korean market, says Chananya Punnarugsa, Minister Counsellor (Commercial) and Director of Thai Trade Center, Seoul, South Korea.

“The use of soft power, such as Thai series and films, is a great tool to promote Thai products and services, including food and goods, as well as culture,” Punnarugsa says.

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