KaratJewel: Conserving Thai Culture through Jewellery Design

KaratJewel creates timeless jewellery inspired by Thai culture with more modern designs.

It is now seeking international market opportunities and overseas partners.

Thailand has the potential of becoming world’s gem and jewellery trading hub.

Nowadays, jewellery products and designs are full of creativity and confidence. No longer merely fashion statements, they are pieces of fine art that display a rich culture, and exude the personality and social status of the wearer. Narupon Sangbonruang, founder and designer of Thai jewellery brand KaratJewel, discusses how jewellery can help preserve culture and traditions.

“I have been working in this industry for more than ten years now,” he explains. “After working with many well-known jewellers and designers I decided it was time to start my own business. KaratJewel was founded four years ago with the intention to design and create unique jewellery pieces inspired by Thai culture and tradition that convey the timeless style, and are ideal for all genders and ages.”

Sangbonruang believes his designs reflect the qualities of his nation. 

“Thailand should be famous for more than its cuisine. Its arts, traditions, roots and culture are what makes the country so unique,” he says. “Each KaratJewel collection is a blend of contemporary and traditional designs, and incorporates ancient symbols such as patterns from traditional Thai architecture and wickerwork. However, the products also have modern aspects so they can be worn and appreciated by younger generation.”

Due to its uniqueness, KaratJewel has won the hearts of not only Thai jewellery fans but has gained popularity among foreigners as well. 

“Our main customers are Thais, but we also have many international customers, mainly from Europe, who have shown an interest in our products and have expressed an interest in becoming dealers for us,” he says.

KaratJewel participated in the Thai Access to International Markets video competition (THAI AIM), and has been selected to exhibit in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). 

“The exhibition gave us the opportunity to introduce our products to international customers to study global markets,” he says. “To penetrate foreign markets, we now have another product line, which is KaratJewel Bead. Our aim is to expand our customer base. Bead products are more fashionable; we already have buyers from both Thailand and abroad,” he adds.

Sangbonruang thinks Thailand has many advantages on jewellery production. 

“We have plenty of resources, cheap labour force, internationally accredited manufacturers and most importantly Thai artists and designers that are globally well-known for their talent, expertise and craftsmanship,” he says. “These factors make Thai jewellery highly competitive and attractive.”

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Words by: Manisa Phromsiripranee

Photos courtesy of KaratJewel