The Rising Appeal of Home Decor and Aroma Products in Thailand Post-COVID

  • Scent and home decor items have experienced increased popularity in Thailand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Consumers have shown a strong preference for quality, modern contemporary designs, and support for local craftsmanship.
  • To gain popularity both locally and globally, brands focusing on contemporary fragrance and home decor products should draw inspiration from traditional Thai craftsmanship.
In the wake of the pandemic, a remarkable upsurge in the appreciation of home decor and aroma products has swept across Thailand. With people spending more time within the confines of their homes, a profound yearning has emerged to elevate their living spaces into tranquil and inviting sanctuaries...

Global Animation Industry Shifts Focus

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a remarkable surge in the demand for animation content.
  • Thai artists have shown their expertise in producing original and culturally rich animation content that resonates with global viewers.
  • Prominent animation companies in Thailand are now focusing on developing original intellectual properties (IPs) and forming collaborations with investors.

The world of content animation has undergone a remarkable shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to a significant surge in demand for animated works that extend beyond children to encompass individuals of all ages, particularly...

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Thai Brand Takes Innovative Egg White Products Globally

  • The demand for high-protein food is soaring in the health and wellness food market.
  • A Thai food company has come up with an alternative egg white noodle, initially targeting cancer patients before expanding to a broader health-conscious market.
  • Since the brand’s launch, a wide range of healthy products have been developed, including egg white rice and egg white bubbles.
  • The global healthy food market is getting bigger and bigger all the time. High-protein, low-fat diets are in demand. In response...

Thai Digital Content Gaining Increasing Recognition Around the World

“Home Sweet Home”, a horror adventure video game, first released in 2017, is a global hit and continues to provide challenging and petrifying experiences to players in its season 3 in 2021. “Sea of Love”, an animation for kids, telling a story of friendship between a whale, a ray, a seahorse and a shark, is streaming on Netflix.  “Girl From Nowhere”, a mystery thriller drama series that became  a hit globally with its second season topping Netflix charts in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, while ranking in the top 10 in Brazil.

These three successful titles have something in common: they are the home-grown creative products of Thailand... 


Thai Craft Chocolate is On the Rise as Unique Asian-Inspired Flavours Take Centre Stage

  • Rapid expansion of cacao cultivation in Thailand fuels a thriving craft chocolate scene, reflecting the growing demand for locally-sourced and high-quality chocolate products.
  • Increasing consumer emphasis on traceability, ethics and health drives the rising demand for craft chocolate, signaling a shift towards sustainable and unique chocolate choices.
  • Thai farmers' dedication to quality cacao and craft chocolate makers' pursuit of exceptional flavours highlight the rising significance of local and artisanal chocolate production, positioning Thailand as a key player in the global craft chocolate market.

In just a few years, the cultivation of cacao has spread across Thailand, paving the way for a flourishing craft chocolate scene. Thai farmers have honed their skills and refined their products, resulting in a significant improvement in quality and readiness for larger-scale production and consumption.

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Thailand Draws on Creativity, Technology to Answer Consumer Demand for Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Goods

Thailand’s makers of decorative items, furniture, fashion and other lifestyle goods have been anticipating the rising global consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, by creating innovative solutions based on locally available bio resources and increasingly engaging in recycling, in line with the country’s Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economic model and sustainable development agenda, Thai officials and businesspeople said at a recent BCG symposium and exhibition in Bangkok.


Thai Startup Launches Healthier, Tastier Vegan Cheese

  • Plant-based diets are becoming more popular; but cheese alternatives are limited.
  • Trumpkin has developed a cheese alternative from pumpkin seeds which contains healthy fats and minerals, as well as provides the proper texture for making vegan cheese. 
  • Their pumpkin seed cheddar cheese spread is expected to be launched this June. 

With a greater awareness of animal cruelty, the negative environmental impact of the dairy industry, and health issues, more people are opting for plant-based diets. The three years leading up to 2020, saw a 600% growth in the number of US consumers who identify themselves as vegan.

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From Jackfruit to Coconut and Durian, Thailand Fruit Exports Are Riding the Health Trend

BANGKOK, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- From the crunchy yellow flesh of the jackfruit, that weighs as much as 25 kilograms and can be eaten fresh or cooked as a meat substitute, to the natural coconut water enjoying growing popularity due to its health benefits and innovative packaging that preserve freshness while making it easy to drink, Thailand's diversified exotic fruit exports are gaining ground among health-conscious consumers around the world, data shows.


Thai Toys Sees a Sustainable Future

  • World market trends favour more eco-friendly, safe and innovative toys.
  • Blue Ribbon wooden toys are designed to promote children's development and be sustainable.
  • Joining trade exhibitions is a good way to increase sales and follow market trends.

A recent report by the DITP’s office in the US shows that demand for eco-friendly and recyclable toys is on the rise.

Exports of Thai toys will grow by 10% in 2023, the equivalent of US$300 million, according to forecasts by the Thai Toys and Children Products Trade Association. It foresees that eco-friendly and safe toys are new trends among parents and schools, as the world moves toward sustainability and innovation.

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Creating Mud More Value Fashion from Waste

  • Mud More Value converts waste from dairy farms to create added value designs.
  • The company believes in creating fabrics using circular economy and sustainability.
  • It is now prepared to penetrate international markets.

Developed from local wisdom, Mud More Value fabric products can respond to the current emerging BCG circular economy trend. The brand uses cow manure from an organic dairy farm to dye fabrics, thus creating eco-community products that provide natural colours in unique earthen tones.

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