From Jackfruit to Coconut and Durian, Thailand Fruit Exports Are Riding the Health Trend

BANGKOK, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- From the crunchy yellow flesh of the jackfruit, that weighs as much as 25 kilograms and can be eaten fresh or cooked as a meat substitute, to the natural coconut water enjoying growing popularity due to its health benefits and innovative packaging that preserve freshness while making it easy to drink, Thailand's diversified exotic fruit exports are gaining ground among health-conscious consumers around the world, data shows.


Thai Toys Sees a Sustainable Future

  • World market trends favour more eco-friendly, safe and innovative toys.
  • Blue Ribbon wooden toys are designed to promote children's development and be sustainable.
  • Joining trade exhibitions is a good way to increase sales and follow market trends.

A recent report by the DITP’s office in the US shows that demand for eco-friendly and recyclable toys is on the rise.

Exports of Thai toys will grow by 10% in 2023, the equivalent of US$300 million, according to forecasts by the Thai Toys and Children Products Trade Association. It foresees that eco-friendly and safe toys are new trends among parents and schools, as the world moves toward sustainability and innovation.

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Creating Mud More Value Fashion from Waste

  • Mud More Value converts waste from dairy farms to create added value designs.
  • The company believes in creating fabrics using circular economy and sustainability.
  • It is now prepared to penetrate international markets.

Developed from local wisdom, Mud More Value fabric products can respond to the current emerging BCG circular economy trend. The brand uses cow manure from an organic dairy farm to dye fabrics, thus creating eco-community products that provide natural colours in unique earthen tones.

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moreloop: Making the Circular Economy a Reality

- moreloop provides access for SMEs to utilise waste from fabric industry.
- Owner Huvanandana believes it can help transform waste management and sustainability.
- moreloop has already received international recognition for its dynamic approach.

With a vision that waste has a value, moreloop sells fine fabrics left over from the garment manufacturing process via online marketplace to small companies who see its potential further use.

“We gather surplus fabrics from quality garment factories and create a marketplace to allow SMEs to access quality fabrics at a reasonable price,” says Amornpol Huvanandana, Co-founder and CEO of moreloop. 

magFish: Keeping Your Clothes and the Waterways Clean

- magFish is a handmade organic laundry detergent designed in 12 species of fish.
- It helps keep washing up water free from chemicals.
- The company has both domestic and international customers mostly from their online channels.

Eco-friendly magFish is a new organic product with a mission to save the waterways by swimming in washing machines to help remove stains on the clothes and keep water free from chemicals.

Thai Entrepreneur Transforms Silkworm into Future Food

- Sirikarn Poldaeng started Erawan Crispy to produce high protein snacks from local fried insects.
- She received much help and training from the DITP, especially exporting products.
- During Covid, she adapted business to focus on online sells aimed at Gen Z.

Future food is a new trend among food and eco lovers. Now, there are many plant-based and alternate food products on supermarket shelves. Sensing this trend Sirikarn Poldaeng, owner of Erawan Crispy, decided to leave her job in a hotel to develop an alternative snack made from fried insects. 

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