Thai Craft Chocolate is On the Rise as Unique Asian-Inspired Flavours Take Centre Stage

  • Rapid expansion of cacao cultivation in Thailand fuels a thriving craft chocolate scene, reflecting the growing demand for locally-sourced and high-quality chocolate products.
  • Increasing consumer emphasis on traceability, ethics and health drives the rising demand for craft chocolate, signaling a shift towards sustainable and unique chocolate choices.
  • Thai farmers' dedication to quality cacao and craft chocolate makers' pursuit of exceptional flavours highlight the rising significance of local and artisanal chocolate production, positioning Thailand as a key player in the global craft chocolate market.

In just a few years, the cultivation of cacao has spread across Thailand, paving the way for a flourishing craft chocolate scene. Thai farmers have honed their skills and refined their products, resulting in a significant improvement in quality and readiness for larger-scale production and consumption.