The Rising Appeal of Home Decor and Aroma Products in Thailand Post-COVID

Scent and home decor items have experienced increased popularity in Thailand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers have shown a strong preference for quality, modern contemporary designs, and support for local craftsmanship.

To gain popularity both locally and globally, brands focusing on contemporary fragrance and home decor products should draw inspiration from traditional Thai craftsmanship.

In the wake of the pandemic, a remarkable upsurge in the appreciation of home decor and aroma products has swept across Thailand. With people spending more time within the confines of their homes, a profound yearning has emerged to elevate their living spaces into tranquil and inviting sanctuaries. This burgeoning desire has given rise to a thriving market for home decor and aroma products, with their allure finding their way not only into homes, but also into offices. Scents, as a result, have become a powerful tool for branding and showcasing the unique characteristics of different locations.

“There are plentiful opportunities for home decor and aroma products, both domestically and internationally. The key lies in delivering products of exceptional quality with modern contemporary designs. Thai consumers have developed a strong appreciation for the country’s craftsmanship, fostering support for local products, while foreign consumers have recognised the quality of Thai craftsmanship, attributing it to the use of excellent raw materials,” says Thaniya Janeturakit, Executive Director of Thaniya1988

Thaniya1988 stands out as a brand specialising in contemporary home decor and aroma products, drawing inspiration from Thai ceramics. Each of their products is meticulously crafted using traditional methods and adorned with hand-painted designs, paying homage to authentic Thai elements. These designs artfully incorporate traditional woven fabric and basketry patterns alongside iconic architectural elements. With thoughtful adaptation, they have succeeded in catering to the taste of Thai households, while also captivating a broader international audience.

Their ceramic canisters, housing scented candles, emanate exquisite fragrances infused with the essence of Thai jasmine rice and an array of natural Thai flowers such as jasmine, water jasmine, lotus and orchid. These sought-after products have garnered international acclaim, making their way to South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, and several European countries. Furthermore, Thaniya1988 offers bespoke design services for organisations seeking special gifts. Proficient in aroma and product design, their expertise shines through in every creation.

Understanding the close relationship between home decor and fashion trends, Thaniya1988 consistently introduces new patterns every three months, making their designs limited editions. Colours and patterns gracefully ebb and flow with the changing seasons — a notable characteristic that particularly captivates discerning European markets. For instance, in winter, green-coloured products gain favour in Germany thanks to their association with Christmas, exuding a fresh and invigorating ambience. This stems from an extensive process of research and experimentation, guided by a keen awareness of the unique preferences prevalent in each country’s home decor trends.

“Our aspiration is to achieve global recognition, celebrated for both exceptional quality and a distinctive image, ensuring that customers worldwide fondly embrace Thaniya,” Janeturakit says. “To realise this vision, we place great emphasis on consistency in promoting our products internationally. For this, long-term investments for sustainable growth are paramount, as well as with support from the Thai government exploring untapped markets where Thai products have yet to leave a significant mark.”

Currently, Thai furniture and home decor items are often showcased side by side, leaving a lasting and distinctive impression of Thai products. This further elevates the perception of Thai craftsmanship, design and art.

Words by: Pattareeya Puapongsakorn

Photo courtesy of Thaniya1988