Thai Brand Takes Innovative Egg White Products Globally

The demand for high-protein food is soaring in the health and wellness food market.

A Thai food company has come up with an alternative egg white noodle, initially targeting cancer patients before expanding to a broader health-conscious market.

Since the brand’s launch, a wide range of healthy products have been developed, including egg white rice and egg white bubbles.

The global healthy food market is getting bigger and bigger all the time. High-protein, low-fat diets are in demand. In response to the rising demand, several food companies are offering a diverse selection of products for protein seekers. However, one brand stands out above the rest, introducing a groundbreaking innovation to the market.

Nimnim Noodle, a brand created by Umapond Buranasuksombat, has revolutionised the food industry by inventing the world’s first egg white noodle. Panassa Kanchanavises, Umapond’s best friend and CEO of the brand, says her father had cancer for 10 years. During that time, she found egg whites to be a source of protein doctors always recommended. But eating a lot of them every day is very difficult for patients, especially if the effects of chemotherapy make them sensitive to the smell of eggs.

This inspired Umapond to develop a noodle made from egg white, while studying for a doctorate in nutrition. Her egg white noodles, the world’s first of its kind, now branded as Nimnim Noodle, are protein-rich, flourless, fat-free, odourless, and easy to eat.

“We know people enjoy tasty food. That’s why noodles mustn’t only be consistent in quality, but also delicious. Our noodles are soft and go well with sauces and curry. It has to be easy to eat, because otherwise people will only eat once,” says Umapond, who is both Co-founder and Research and Development Director of Khaeng Rang Took Wan, the company that owns the Nimnim Noodle brand.

Launched in 2020, Nimnim now has three types of noodles: egg white noodles, egg white vermicelli and flourless spaghetti. All can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months. Apart from noodles, the company has developed new healthy products such as egg white rice, egg white bubbles, and tom yum and carbonara flavoured seasoning powders.

“Each bag of noodles contains up to 10 grams of protein, which is equal to about three egg whites. If patients have to eat 10 eggs per day, they can eat two to three bags of noodles, with stewed eggs or our egg white bubbles as dessert. This is why we try to create more product varieties. To give consumers greater choice and make their lives more enjoyable,” Umapond explains.

Panassa Kanchanavises, the company’s CEO, says Khaeng Rang Took Wan is now looking for distributors abroad.

“We hope Nimnim will become a global brand. We want to demonstrate to the world that Thais are also capable of inventing outstanding innovations like this,” she says.

Umapond adds, “We created these products not only for business, but because we wanted people to be healthy. So, if we have partners in other countries who share our ideals and can assist us in making the entire globe healthy, we will be extremely happy.”

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Words by: Natanit Tanmanasiri

Photo courtesy of Khaeng Rang Took Wan Co., Ltd.