JAIKLA: Pioneering Sustainable Pet Food in Thailand

  • JAIKLA's emergence as a sustainable pet food brand utilising insect protein and natural ingredients sets a groundbreaking example in the industry, showcasing a clear commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Insect protein offers a sustainable alternative with minimal resource usage, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and the ability to upcycle food surplus, thus promoting a circular economy.
  • Thailand's tropical climate and existing knowledge about insects, along with Thai companies collaboration with experts, make it an ideal hub for sustainable insect farming and pet food innovation.
Thailand has emerged as the world's third-largest pet food exporter, behind the United States and Germany. The country boasts exceptional...

PODIUM: Combining Timeless Design with Exquisite Craftsmanship for Sustainability

  • PODIUM is a Thai furniture manufacturer with 40 years of experience in producing wooden furniture.
  • The combination of attractive design and cutting-edge innovation is the key to the company’s success.
  • The company recently launched a new brand aimed at eco-conscious online consumers. 

Founded in 1983, PODIUM has many years of experience in manufacturing wooden furniture for importers, especially in the USA and Japan. The brand has collaborated with many designers to develop unique collections, and its furniture can be found in famous showrooms all over the world.

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ZEQUENZ Notebooks: Where Thai Craftsmanship and Innovative Design Converge

  • Thai-brand ZEQUENZ began as a paper-making business before diversifying into the production of high-quality notebooks.
  • Their flagship product, the 360-degree notebook, showcases a unique curved-binding system, invented in-house, that offers exceptional resilience and flexibility.
  • ZEQUENZ notebooks have gained popularity worldwide among customers who appreciate the art of writing, and value both a functional design and meticulous craftsmanship.
ZEQUENZ originated in Bangkok, Thailand. Having been in the paper business for more than three decades, the paper-making company branched out into becoming a notebook brand with their masterpiece, the 360-degree notebook. The notebook...
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Yayee Phuket Keeping with Tradition While Adapting to Changing Times

  • Yayee Phuket represents the cultural essence of Phuket through its unique designs and use of Batik.
  • The brand has adapted to changing times by redesigning collections and incorporating modern techniques while preserving traditional craftsmanship.
  • Yayee's collaboration with the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Thailand, reflects their commitment to sustainability and social empowerment.

Yayee Phuket, a local clothing brand founded by the late Wasita Noipradit and her son Phongpiwich Thuatraipop, has successfully expanded its business of souvenir products and bespoke Batik garments. In response to the post-COVID-19 Thai tourism recovery, Phongpiwich, has adapted to the changing times. The brand has captured the hearts of Russian and Chinese tourists, propelling them to impressive heights. The brand's exceptional creations have graced renowned fashion shows around the world, including a recent prestigious event held in Russia.

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From Orchid Farm to Face

  • Mana Orchid is a Thai orchid farm focused on plant breeding and scientific methods, creating hundreds of new orchid breeds.
  • They have discovered that one orchid breed is heavy in antioxidants; it has been developed into food products.
  • A brand-new serum made from Black Orchid Extract was launched to reach a wider market in the near future.

“Plant breeding has always been at the heart of our orchid business, from the beginning to the present,” says Akenat Kujaroenchaimanatee, the founder and owner of Mana Orchid, an orchid farm that spreads across 60 acres in Nakhon Pathom province.

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Powco: World’s First and Only Energy gel from Thai coconut

  • Powco is the world's first and only energy gel made from natural aromatic Thai coconuts.
  • Thai coconut water is high in potassium which can prevent cramps for athletes.
  • Thai food industry has great potential for innovation.

Thanada Thomas has turned personal tragedy, losing both of her parents to cancer, into the motivation for developing the world’s first and only energy gel made from Thai aromatic coconuts.

“Since I studied pharmacy, I have learned about holistic health and found there are many options for patients that may not require chemotherapy treatment,” says the CEO of Powco Potassium Energy. “The best preventive practice is to eat medicinal food.”

Viya Crab Captures Customers Worldwide

  • Viya Crab stems from a family business that started selling fresh seafood at markets.
  • Now the company exports quality canned seafood internationally under the Siam Crab brand.
  • Online marketing has seen an increase in sales domestically through Facebook Fanpage.

“When talking about crabs, many foreigners would say that Thai crabs are the most delicious,” says Madina Laojaroen, Deputy Managing Director of Viya Crab. “As Thai products are considered premium by international customers, we named our brand Siam Crab to communicate that they come from Thailand.”

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LN Sauce Powder: Authentic Thai Taste of Dipping Sauce to Go

- LN Sauce Powder uses food technology to provide authentic Thai dipping sauce in powder form.
- Its convenient packaging means you can enjoy Thai dipping sauce anywhere.
- Food technology and processing offer many market opportunities to businesses.

Initially funded as a university start-up project, within a couple of years LN Sauce Powder has turned into a business with international exposure.

“Our sauce powder uses Spray Drying technology combined with Freeze Drying technology to create the special dipping sauce powder including seafood sauce and Thai spicy that maintains the texture, smell, taste and appearance of the ingredients,” says Phubate Ratanawimon, Managing Director of LN Innotech.

Pennii Premium Popcorn Created with Care

- Pennii Premium Popcorn was born from creator’s love of cooking.
- All of the ingredients are carefully selected and healthy.
- Company has attended DITP events to reach a wider market.

“I always love to cook and bake,” says Pornpimol Pakkhem, Chair of Pennin Penny Patisserie. “I attended Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, but soon realised that baked goods and desserts have a short shelf life, so I thought popcorn might be the solution because it can last longer and is easy to ship. That’s when I started Pennii Premium Popcorn.”

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Creating Modern Traditional Ceramics to Last

- Lively Ware is a brand of handmade ceramics.
- Products last for a long time and can be handed down from generation to generation.
- Using ceramics can also reduce the use of plastic containers.

With unique techniques and patterns, affordable prices, and practicality Lively Ware has won the hearts of customers across Asia.

“The concept behind the Lively Ware brand is the imperfection reflected through handmade porcelain ceramics that were once considered old-fashioned, but have now been revived with contemporary designs and a sense of Thainess,” says Kitt Kullayanapong, designer and owner of Lively Ware.