PODIUM: Combining Timeless Design with Exquisite Craftsmanship for Sustainability

  • PODIUM is a Thai furniture manufacturer with 40 years of experience in producing wooden furniture.
  • The combination of attractive design and cutting-edge innovation is the key to the company’s success.
  • The company recently launched a new brand aimed at eco-conscious online consumers. 

Founded in 1983, PODIUM has many years of experience in manufacturing wooden furniture for importers, especially in the USA and Japan. The brand has collaborated with many designers to develop unique collections, and its furniture can be found in famous showrooms all over the world.

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magFish: Keeping Your Clothes and the Waterways Clean

- magFish is a handmade organic laundry detergent designed in 12 species of fish.
- It helps keep washing up water free from chemicals.
- The company has both domestic and international customers mostly from their online channels.

Eco-friendly magFish is a new organic product with a mission to save the waterways by swimming in washing machines to help remove stains on the clothes and keep water free from chemicals.