ZEQUENZ Notebooks: Where Thai Craftsmanship and Innovative Design Converge

Thai-brand ZEQUENZ began as a paper-making business before diversifying into the production of high-quality notebooks.

Their flagship product, the 360-degree notebook, showcases a unique curved-binding system, invented in-house, that offers exceptional resilience and flexibility.

ZEQUENZ notebooks have gained popularity worldwide among customers who appreciate the art of writing, and value both a functional design and meticulous craftsmanship.

ZEQUENZ originated in Bangkok, Thailand. Having been in the paper business for more than three decades, the paper-making company branched out into becoming a notebook brand with their masterpiece, the 360-degree notebook. The notebook can be folded through 360 degrees. Its curved-binding system, an original invention developed in their very own factory, features a level of resiliency unseen in other products. Every product is created by hand, ensuring a perfect notebook that will always return to its original form.

“We are one of the leading notebook brands known globally. Many customers choose our notebooks, even without knowing that ZEQUENZ comes from Thailand,” says Paleeratana Damrongkitkarn, the company’s general manager.

ZEQUENZ exports its notebooks to countries across the globe, including Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, the United States, France, Greece and Cyprus. The company also participates in international fairs such as Ambiente Frankfurt in Germany and Maison&Objet in France, with support from the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP).

“People from various nationalities who value the art of writing and appreciate good design have embraced ZEQUENZ notebooks,” says Damrongkitkarn. “In Thailand, ZEQUENZ has gained significant popularity among individuals who have a deep passion for writing and note-taking.”

Despite facing competition from technological advancements that are turning people away from notebooks, as well as emerging new notebook brands, ZEQUENZ’s strength lies in its user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and durable notebook design. The company pays meticulous attention to detail and continually innovates products, staying true to their craftsmanship. This commitment has made ZEQUENZ a preferred choice for many people worldwide.

“We are constantly innovating,” adds Damrongkitkarn. “We aim to find better notebook covers, increase durability, and to constantly improve our products. Customers can feel the difference.

“Sustainability is now the key focus. International customers are highly interested in reducing plastic packaging. And we acknowledge their concern. While customers in Asia still prefer products with a sleek and new appearance, we strive to find environmentally-friendly materials to make our notebooks lighter, more durable and capable of accommodating ink pens. In the future, we plan to expand our product line to include various accessories, creating the ultimate writing experience for people around the world.”

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Words by: Pattareeya Puapongsakorn
Photo courtesy of ZEQUENZ