Yayee Phuket Keeping with Tradition While Adapting to Changing Times

  • Yayee Phuket represents the cultural essence of Phuket through its unique designs and use of Batik.
  • The brand has adapted to changing times by redesigning collections and incorporating modern techniques while preserving traditional craftsmanship.
  • Yayee's collaboration with the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Thailand, reflects their commitment to sustainability and social empowerment.

Yayee Phuket, a local clothing brand founded by the late Wasita Noipradit and her son Phongpiwich Thuatraipop, has successfully expanded its business of souvenir products and bespoke Batik garments. In response to the post-COVID-19 Thai tourism recovery, Phongpiwich, has adapted to the changing times. The brand has captured the hearts of Russian and Chinese tourists, propelling them to impressive heights. The brand's exceptional creations have graced renowned fashion shows around the world, including a recent prestigious event held in Russia.