Eco-friendly Hide & Seek Cassava Cat Litter

Wealthy Moggie Innovation wants to create sustainable high-value Thai agricultural products.

It has developed biodegradable Hide and Seek cat litter brand from cassava.

Global pet care market is expected to increase in 2021 so company is looking to export more overseas.

Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of cassava which used to be one of the country’s top three products. Recently with changing global circumstances and new technology, cassava exports have fallen.

The Thai government has encouraged the promotion of value-added products, especially in agriculture, to ensure sustainable incomes for Thai farmers in international trade. Wealthy Moggie Innovation is one of the companies that is helping increase value to Thai cassava. 

After two years of research and development, the company has developed technology to produce cat litter from Thai cassava, under the Hide & Seek brand. The litter is biodegradable, environment friendly and 100% made from natural cassava.

“We are the first and the only company in the world to manufacture 100% cassava-based cat litter,” says Aphinand Mahasaksawat, General Manager and Co-founder of Wealthy Moggie Innovation. 

According to a Euromonitor International report, the global pet care market is expected to increase in 2021 largely due to an increase in the number of pets during the pandemic especially in emerging markets. 

Sustainability is a key trend in the global pet care industry with an increased emphasis on developing reusable and eco-friendly products and packaging.

Almost a year on from launching Hide & Seek, the company has seen sales increase on average by 20% per month. Although exports still constitute a small proportion of sales, the company currently exports to Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

“We plan to introduce the high-quality cat litter to the world market as well as to make other products with Thai cassava to add value to Thai agricultural crops,” says Mahasaksawat. 

Wealthy Moggie Innovation is targeting Europe, the US, Russia and the Middle East, which have both a high purchasing power and a high demand for pet care products that are eco-friendly.

“We already have many business partners in Thailand as well as international business partners, and are seeking new partners to penetrate overseas markets,” he says.

Consequently the company is looking to move and expand its plant from Bangkok to the Eastern Economic Corridor, possibly to Chachoengsao which is near to both Laemchabang Port and cassava farms so as to reduce transportation costs.

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Words by Petchanet Pratruangkrai

Photo courtesy of Wealthy Moggie Innovation Co.,Ltd