Promoting Thai Premium Rice in Canada

Promoting Thai Premium Rice in Canada

Canada is a vital market for Thai premium-grade rice.

Thai Trade Center promoting Thai rice through “Think Rice, Think Thailand” campaign.

Thai business should focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles.

As the fourth largest importer of Thai Hom Mali rice, Canada is an important market for Thai rice exports.

According to Wiwan Srirubsukha, Consul Commercial and Director of the Thai Trade Center Toronto, Canada imports more than 400,000 tonnes of rice each year, of which 20% is from Thailand, following the US (51%). More than 75% of Thai rice exported to Canada is either Hom Mali or premium rice.

“Rice is a main dish not only for Thais living in Canada but also for more than five million Asian Canadians which account for more than 15% of the total population of 38 million. Many of these are Chinese Canadians who favour Thai Hom Mali rice,” says Srirubsukha.

In an attempt to maintain and promote Thai rice awareness, the trade center is continuing its “Thai food, World Food” campaign to create a better perception of Thai rice by focusing on Thai Hom Mali, Thai Hom Mali Rice logo and other healthy rice grains that serve the rising health-conscious consumer.

“We are promoting Thai rice and Thai food through KOLs and influencers such as celebrity chefs in Canada under the theme “Think Rice, Think Thailand” so that Thai rice could be the first choice for Canadians when they think about rice,” says Srirubsukha. “At the same time, we also demonstrate cooking of Thai rice under the theme “Beyond Thai Dish” to promote the versatility of Thai rice with several non-Thai dishes to both mainstream and ethnic consumers. This will promote the frequent usage of Thai rice not limited to Thai Foods in Canada.” says Srirubsukha.

Moreover, Thai Trade Centre Toronto has produced a menu card providing information about the nutrition and benefits of Thai rice, as well as providing food pairings for Thai rice and other dishes to promote Thai rice and food at Thai Selected restaurants and online channels.

Consequently, Thai Trade Centre Toronto has joined forces with the Thai Trade Center in Vancouver to strengthen Thai rice and food sold through Thai restaurants across the country.

Srirubsukha advises Thai entrepreneurs to base their business on the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) since Canada is one of the many countries that is highly concerned about the environment.

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 Words by Petchanet Pratruangkrai

Photo courtesy of DITP’s Overseas Office in Toronto, Canada