Little Farm has developed from a simple shop to exporting to various countries due to its passion for delicious snacks and a determination to develop new flavours.

Snacks are a growing industry, especially with the current trend towards health food. Consumers are more conscious about their food choices with numerous offerings and brands in the market.

Tananchai Isareekanin, Marketing Manager of Little Farm, reveals that the brand was started in 1987 in a small shop house as a family business.

Today, Little Farm’s products, which range from garlic bread and butter bread to crackers, are exported to many Asian markets such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as to Australia and the US.

“We have been exporting our products for over 20 years. Most buyers tell us that consumers like the taste and the freshness of the ingredients,” says Isareekanin, adding that each market has different taste profiles. For example, consumers in Singapore prefer milder tastes, while those in Hong Kong enjoy spices and thus choose similar products to Thai consumers.

According to Isareekanin, one of the company’s best-selling products is its riceberry crackers with flossy fish, under the Jor Nguan brand. Riceberry is known to promote health, and Little Farm was one of the first snack manufacturers to use riceberry. Another popular product is butter bread, which is made using real butter that gives the snack a unique taste unlike other brands in the market.

Isareekanin says the secret to Little Farm’s success lies in the family’s focus on maintaining consistency of flavour and product freshness, while continuing to improve the overall production process to reach more customers.

“To keep developing products, we closely follow trends, such as the health trend, which is why our snacks come in smaller packaging, as consumers today are weight-conscious and want to eat only a few pieces of a snack at a time,” he says.

Still, taste is the most important thing in this business. “Some may buy our products for its beautiful packaging, but what keeps them coming back is its delicious taste,” he says.

Corporate social responsibility is also very important to Little Farm, which is working with the Mirror Foundation to place announcements for missing children on the back of packaging with the hope of helping parents find their children.

To continuously connect with existing customers and seek new buyers, Little Farm participates in many tradeshows, especially with the Ministry of Commerce.

“One of the biggest fairs in Thailand is ThaiFEX where we introduce new products to international buyers every year,” Isareekanin says.

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Words by Pimsirinuch Borsub