Thai Products Shine at Top Thai Brands, Pakistan

Thai products received overwhelming interest from buyers and visitors at the Top Thai Brands 2019, held by DITP in Karachi, Pakistan from July 20 to 22.

Twenty-eight Thai entrepreneurs from many sectors, including health and beauty products, household appliances, food and beverages and education services attended the fair, which attracted around 4,500 visitors. Immediate transactions amounted to more than US$ 2.5 million (77 million baht) with US$2.3 million (71 million baht) in potential sales predicted for the next year.

Cosmetics, face and body care products, haircare products, food, plastic products and shoes proved of particular interest. Moreover, some potential products, which were brought to the Pakistan market for the first time received positive feedback too. These included generators, water pumps, diesel machines, gas stoves, industrial adhesive products, industrial colours and corrugated plastic.