Thai Ministry of Commerce to Capture French HORECA Market with Traditional Herbs

Kirati Rachano, Secretary-General of the Thai Ministry of Commerce, along with the Mayors of Nice and Grasse, France, recently visited Nice to enhance trade opportunities for Thai HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) products in France. Recognising the high demand, the delegation identified a promising market for Thailand’s expansion.

Nice’s vibrant hospitality and tourism industries present an ideal market for Thai goods and services, while Grasse’s expertise in perfumery and cosmetics has sparked interest in Thai local herbs. Through online business matching (OBM), Thai exports can be enhanced, encouraging further research, exploration and development in line with international standards.

To strengthen bilateral trade, French entrepreneurs were invited to trade fairs such as THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA. The significance of French importers participating in the upcoming inaugural THAIFEX – HOREC Asia, which will be held March 6thto 8th, 2024, was emphasised, with the Thai Trade Center in Paris appointed to ensure the facilitation of smooth arrangements.

In 2022, Thai-French bilateral trade reached 4.51 billion dollars, with Thai exports amounting to 2.12 billion dollars. Key exports included air conditioning, jewellery, organic rice, lenses and rubber goods. Thai herbal products in cosmetics and perfumes experienced an impressive 45% growth.

The Thai Ministry of Commerce aims to create mutually beneficial opportunities for Thai businesses in the HORECA industries and traditional herbs markets, expanding its market share and establishing a reputation for reliability as a trade partner with France.

For inquiries, please contact the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) at or the International Trade Hotline at 1169.