Thai Companies Invited to Apply for PM Export Award 2019

DITP has invited Thai companies to apply for the Prime Minister’s Export Award (or PM Award) 2019, the highest official tribute to top Thai exporters.

Over the past 28 years, the award has been granted to 573 exporters with in total 674 awards conferred.

“The award winners are selected based on their outstanding performance in terms of creative innovation, standard production process and social responsibility,” DITP Director-General, Banjongjitt Angsusingh, said. “We want to encourage manufacturers and exporters to foster a positive image of their organization, leading to an enhancement in the reputation of Thai products and services on the global market.”

For more information, please call DITP at +66 2 507 8280, +66 98 836 4539, +66 64 943 7462, email [email protected], or visit Interested companies can submit an application from now until April 30, 2019.