A young jewelry designer reveals how she has turned her passion in jewelry design into a beautiful business.

“Personalized products are receiving more good feedback in the market and ‘Personalized Message’ is the highlight of all IMPRINT collections. We always have a gimmick of a hidden message in our jewelry to make it more than an ornament.” Naridtanan Palakavong na Ayuthaya, Designer and Founder of IMPRINT jewelry brand reflects on how she started her business from a belief that precious jewelry can be more than just a beautiful ornament.

Palakavong na Ayuthaya established IMPRINT almost three years ago.

“I just wanted to create everyday jewelry that could inspire the wearer or could be a gift for people to show feelings for each other. With this thought, my first collection was a ring with a hidden message,” she says.

IMPRINT products are 100% ‘Made in Thailand’ starting with all products designed by the owner herself and then produced by the manufacturer, a close friend of hers.

“Each year, we try to launch at least four collections, one each quarter. Now, we have 17 collections already.

“Our highlight is the gimmick of a hidden message on a ring that clients can customize for their message or even choose their preferred colour, size or material, such as silver 925, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and 14, 18 and 20K gold,” she explains.

With its market split equally between domestic and international customers, IMPRINT targets people in love and those who like unique or customized items.

“For the international market we have made quite a good start,” she says. “Now, we have three shops in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It started from a jewelry designer working for the entertainment industry in Europe, who saw our works at a fair and liked the concept, so she invited me to enter a co-design jewelry venture, using our brand name. Our partnership has lasted two years already.”

IMPRINT also has online shops in Finland and Singapore, and in July is going to open another one in Vietnam. There are also six branches in Thailand.

IMPRINT’s founder believes there are bright opportunities for Thai jewelry entrepreneurs in overseas market, as there is much confidence in both ‘Made in Thailand’ products and Thai premium products.

“Foreigners trust in the quality once they know it’s from Thailand, especially jewelry products. This kind of feedback we have experienced directly from our partner in Prague,” she says. “Today, the designs from Thai designers are more diverse, but there is still a Thai identity reflected in the work, which international customers see as very charming.”

In terms of business development, Palakavong na Ayuthaya will open more overseas branches and continue to focus on co-designing with foreign designers. “This way of working is quite practical as our brand will become recognized faster and gain credibility from our partners’ voice.”

For more information, please visit www.imprint-official.com

 Words by Natthinee Ratanaprasidhi