Pennii Premium Popcorn Created with Care

Pennii Premium Popcorn Created with Care

Pennii Premium Popcorn was born from creator’s love of cooking.

All of the ingredients are carefully selected and healthy.

Company has attended DITP events to reach a wider market.

“I always love to cook and bake,” says Pornpimol Pakkhem, Chair of Pennin Penny Patisserie. “I attended Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, but soon realised that baked goods and desserts have a short shelf life, so I thought popcorn might be the solution because it can last longer and is easy to ship. That’s when I started Pennii Premium Popcorn.” 

Pakkhem first sold her popcorn through online channels in 2018, but when demand increased she realised she could take her product to the next level.

“I really focused on branding a lot,” she says. “Pennii Premium Popcorn branding is about caring, so we carefully select all the ingredients. 

“For example, we import whipped cream and butter from France, chocolate from Belgium, and we use tea oil and coconut blossom sugar from the Royal Project Foundation. We are the only brand to get the PatPat stamp because we really do use their ingredients. 

“We also use the Airpop process to cook, so we use less oil; and it is healthier for people. Our main target customers are people who are health conscious, so the taste is less sweet and the process of making popcorn is healthier.”

This formula has shot Pennii Premium Popcorn to fame. Now Pakkhem has developed seven flavours: the original caramel, chocolate, low sugar, royal cheese, salted egg, and Thai flavours tom yum goong and monthong durian.

“Caramel is one of the best-selling,” she says. “Some tourists try the Thai flavours. They love to buy popcorn as a souvenir as well because our products have a long shelf life. It can last for a year. We use special techniques to preserve, and do not use any preservative agents.”

During Covid, they expanded into supermarkets in Thailand, as well as online sales channels, exporting to Malaysia. Pakkhem appreciates the support she has received from the DITP. 

“We went to the last THAIFEX where we had a chance to meet potential customers from many countries, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Australia,” she says. “I also joined DITP’s Tonkla to Goal project that helped match us with domestic buyers, and presented a chance to connect with more people. It helped buyers get to know us, and to recognise our brand and our products even more.”

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Words by Ploylada Sirachadapong 

Photo courtesy of Pennin Penny Patisserie Company Limited