LN Sauce Powder: Authentic Thai Taste of Dipping Sauce to Go

LN Sauce Powder: Authentic Thai Taste of Dipping Sauce to Go

LN Sauce Powder uses food technology to provide authentic Thai dipping sauce in powder form.

Its convenient packaging means you can enjoy Thai dipping sauce anywhere.

Food technology and processing offer many market opportunities to businesses.

Initially funded as a university start-up project, within a couple of years LN Sauce Powder has turned into a business with international exposure.

“Our sauce powder uses Spray Drying technology combined with Freeze Drying technology to create the special dipping sauce powder including seafood sauce and Thai spicy that maintains the texture, smell, taste and appearance of the ingredients,” says Phubate Ratanawimon, Managing Director of LN Innotech.

“We want LN Sauce Powder to be one of the products that, if you come to Thailand, you have to take it home. Just like when we go to Korea, we have to bring kimchi back.”

Coming in a convenient, small package, LN Sauce Powder is something people can take anywhere they want.

“We started with the idea of instant coffee. We wanted our product to be as easy as that,” Ratanawimon says. “Thai dipping sauce can be served anywhere. Just tear the sachet and mix with water, you can take it anywhere and can be stored for one year without refrigeration.”

LN Sauce Powder is targeted at three consumer categories. Firstly, both foreign and Thai people who live aboard and crave for an authentic Thai taste. Then, international and Thai tourists who want Thai food and Thai sauce as a souvenir. Finally, people who love camping and need instant and tasty food.

Domestically, LN Sauce Powder is sold online through Facebook, Shopee, website, as well as at Tang Hua Seng Supermarket, and soon at Tops, King Power, Gourmet Market and Villa Market stores.

It is also exported to Dubai and Bahrain, with plans to expand to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

According to Ratanawimon, the Post-Covid period presents great opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in the food technology or food processed industries.

“We can see the trend towards healthy living and food technology,” he says. “People focus on health and cleanliness, including having food and supplies that can be kept for a longer time and more conveniently.

He advises people to get to understand both their market position and target customers.

“Especially if you have a good marketing plan,” he says, “there are still many opportunities for this type of business.”

For more information, visit https://web.facebook.com/LN.SaucePowder/

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Words by Natthinee Ratanaprasidhi

Photo courtesy of LN Innotech