Korakot: From Local Wisdom to World-Class Excellence

Korakot designs are inspired by traditional bamboo kite making technique.

The brand helps create jobs and distribute income to local communities.

Korakot was winner of the Design for Asia Award 2008 in Hong Kong.

Inspired by knowledge of bamboo kite making inherited from his grandfather, Korakot Aromdee launched his own business to create world-class decorative handicrafts with fine details, beauty and uniqueness. 

“The business was founded in 2006 after I was selected by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) to attend the Maison & Object Exhibition in Paris,” he says. “I had a chance to showcase my products there and surprisingly all were sold within the first day. I received many orders. Some were quite large in volume, and due to a limitation in production capacity I couldn’t accept them. However, it was a good beginning and paved the way for me to start this business.”

After returning from France, Aromdee started training and hiring local people in Petchaburi province to work for him. 

“They already had the basic knowledge about bamboo so it didn’t take long for them to learn,” he says. “The women mainly focus on delicate work, such as tying and knotting, while men would handle tough work, including installation and all the outdoor-related work. I grew up around these people and for me, it is essential to engage locals and help them generate income. In addition, it will strengthen the community’s workforce and economy.”

Aromdee’s products are made from natural materials, mainly bamboo due to its flexibility and special characteristics. All the materials are sourced as locally as possible. 

“Our effort is to utilise local materials available in the area as much as we can while also preserving the natural environment,” he says. “We use local wisdom in treating bamboo to make it termite proof and sustain the quality of the products.” 

Now Aromdee’s creativity and works are appreciated globally, with clients in China, France, the US, Philippines and Singapore. Local clients are well-known local and international businesses, such as Louis Vuitton at Icon Siam Shopping Mall, Siam Paragon and Central Plaza Phuket shopping malls, Erb Spa, So Sofitel Bangkok, Sheraton Grand Macau, Shangri-La’s Boracay, Philippines and The Buffalo Amphawa.

The brand has received several awards, including Design for Asia Award 2008 in Hong Kong, ASEAN Selections 2017 from The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT), Design Excellence Award (DEmark) Thailand, and Good Design Award in Japan.

“We still have on-going business discussion and projects in China and another huge project that we are looking forward to is one that will take place in Min Buri, Bangkok this year,” he adds. 

To keep the industry moving forward, Aromdee believes it is crucial for artists and designers to understand and know what their clients are seeking. 

“Attending both international and local trade fairs, such as Maison & Object Exhibition, BIG+BIH and TIFF gave me the opportunity to study and identify market needs,” he says. “Different markets require different product designs and production. So flexibility, adaptation and continuously keeping abreast of industry trends are key for achieving long-term business success.” 

For more information, visit www.korakot.net

Words by Manisa Phromsiripranee
Photo courtesy of Korakot