The Thai pharmacist tells how her special herbal mouth spray drives bad odours away while preserving your oral health.

Many successful businesses were established because the founders wanted to solve a problem either for themselves or their loved ones. This is most certainly true for the founders of Lamoon herbal mouth spray.

“My father-in-law had a dry mouth after having radiology treatment for lung cancer. At that time, I searched for products to ease his problem but could not find any chemical-free ones. Therefore, I developed a new formula for him using Thai herbs, which can relieve a dry mouth,” says Rungthiwa Prajundoom, the pharmacist-cum-managing director of FarmSansuk, which produces the Lamoon brand.

“I found that many people are looking for a breath freshener, which does not develop any irritation or a burning sensation in their oral cavity,” Prajundoom says. “Our alcohol-free mouth spray answers their needs as it reduces unpleasant mouth odours without irritating the oral cavity. It is safe for their oral health.”

Lamoon mouth spray contains five key Thai herb-based ingredients namely: aloe vera, a natural moisturiser; okra, which has a gelatinous fluid that resembles natural saliva; mangosteen extract with its antibacterial and soothing properties; gotu kola, which improves wound healing; and guava leaves, which help cure bad breath.

The brand’s main customers are people aged over 35 who prefer natural therapy and herbal-based products, as well as senior people with bad breath.

“We have received positive feedback from our customers. They love our product because it helps boost their self-confidence as it can eliminate bad breath without creating any irritation,” says Prajundoom.

By participating in Ton Kla to Goal, a local entrepreneur empowerment project organised by the DITP, Prajundoom learned how to do business on the global market, and had the opportunity to attend the Mini Thailand Week in Vietnam hosted by the DITP in 2019, where she met potential customers and importers.

“I chose Vietnam as our first export destination because it has a fast-growing middle class with higher purchasing power,” Prajundoom explains. “Vietnamese people trust Thai product quality.”

In the future, she plans to expand into other neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar as well as adding other product lines particularly for easing health problems in digestive systems and offering healthcare products for the elderly.

“I believe that prevention is better and cheaper than cure, therefore Lamoon’s key aim is to improve the oral health of people,” she says.

Currently, Lamoon herbal mouth spray is available at pharmacies, health product stores and other online marketplaces including Lazada, Shopee, and

For more information about Lamoon herbal mouth spray, email [email protected].

Words by Somhatai Mosika