A Thai artist is transforming natural eggshells into limited editions of beautiful enamel products.

The Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998 forced many companies into bankruptcy, with a lot of staff laid off. Meanwhile, it also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs who refused to give up, such as the founder of Zipp Egg Arts, producer of enamel accessories made from eggs.

“After her business went bankrupt in 1997, my wife was looking for another business opportunity, such as exporting,” Pusit Jarnjanasiripan, the owner and designer of Zipp Egg Arts, tells DITP Think Thailand. “Inspired by expensive Fabergé eggs, she then painted eggs and decorated them with costume decorations in the hope to sell them to the global market, just like Easter eggs. A neighbor from overseas bought her first decorated egg because of its beauty and uniqueness, and also placed other orders later.”

In 2001, Arts graduate, Jarnjanasiripan began helping his wife creating enamel products made from eggs with different designs, which are more beautiful and expensive.

“Thai enamel techniques make our product difficult to imitate. I mix my own colours, and all our products are handmade. The design of each egg is unique and one of a kind,” he explains. “All eggs are sourced domestically, from the smallest quail’s egg, to duck’s egg, goose’s egg and the largest ostrich’s egg.”

Because of a small number of craftspeople, the company cannot produce a large quantity of products to reach a mass market. Hence, Jarnjanasiripan has introduced a limited collection with only 20 to 30 enamel eggs instead, which are always bought by his regular customers.

“Normally, a collection consists of 20 animal-like eggs and each one has a different character,” he adds. “In the recent years, we have our fans, who have collected our enamel eggs.”

Zipp Egg Arts products are categorised into four groups: sculpture for gallery, decorative items, souvenirs (keychains) and personal accessories (handbags and earrings).

Its bestselling products include affordable earrings for young customers and expensive decorative items, such as its fish collection, explains Jarnjanasiripan, adding that the unique designs, product quality and lifelong customer service are key to the company’s success.

“We listen to what our customers are looking for and serve their needs. Therefore, our products are always sold out,” he says.

To attract more young customers, Zipp Egg Arts will launch more affordable personal accessories as well as deliver expensive masterpieces for rich collectors, hotels and galleries. It also sells products online via Facebook. Zipp Egg Arts enamel eggs are available at Central Embassy shopping mall in Bangkok and King Power Duty Free.

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For more information, visit: www.eggartsthailand.com or email: [email protected]
Words by Somhatai Mosika