A manufacturer of armoured vehicles expresses confidence that Thailand can become the leader in land defense vehicles across the ASEAN region.

Even during peaceful times, military units in countries across the world still need to maintain their armoured vehicles. Noparath Koolhiran, Vice President of Chaiseri Metal and Rubber, has been in the armoured vehicle industry for several decades, with customers from over 40 countries.

“Chaiseri is a defense land system specialist. We design, manufacture, re-condition and upgrade armoured vehicles, and their subsystem and track system for armed forces and government organisations,” says Koolhiran.

Since 1969, the company’s main focus has been on research and development to improve armoured vehicles and cater to the needs of each customer, as well as enhancing safety.

“One of the innovations that has been developed by the company is the different type of track shoes for armoured vehicles,” he says. “For hot climates such as the desert, the track shoes are designed to be heat-resistant, for tropical climate such as in Thailand or Malaysia, they are resistant to humid weather, and for sub-zero climates, they are made entirely out of metal.”

Furthermore, Chaiseri has improved rubber technology so that vehicles can run for a further 150 kilometers after getting a flat tyre.

The company has spent 10 years developing an armoured vehicle that can protect soldiers against bullets and explosives, designed especially for Thai climates. The vehicle is also small enough to be driven down narrow paths in rubber plantations in the south of the country. Today, the specially-designed vehicle is also sold in Malaysia and the Philippines.

“I can say with certainty that for many of our clients around the world, Chaiseri is the best manufacturer of road wheels and track shoes for armoured vehicles,” Koolhiran says.

The manufacturer has won numerous awards that guarantee the quality of its products, from the Thailand Trust Mark and Prime Minister’s Export Award, to the Most Promising Award from the International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) held biennially in the UAE.

Koolhiran believes the key to doing business is fostering relationships, saying that, “to do business with customers, especially in the Middle East, you need to establish trust first, once the relationship is there, trade will follow.”

Meanwhile, as an expert in the armoured vehicle industry, Koolhiran aims for excellence in manufacturing, as well as continuing innovating new products to serve the market.

“My goal is for defense manufacturing in the country to be sustainable and offer quality products to trade partners. I also want to see Thailand become a leader for the land defense systems in the ASEAN region.”

For more information, visit chaiseri-defense.com.
Words by Pimsirinuch Borsub. Photo courtesy of Chaiseri Metal and Rubber.