A leading Thai cosmetics company shares how it brings Thai beauty to the global market.

“Beauty and a good personality are still necessary for women, as well as men, in these times,” says Dr Peerapong Kitiveshpokawat, noting the strong performance of the cosmetics industry in 2019. Kitiveshpokawat is the Deputy CEO of Beauty Community, the retailer of cosmetics and skincare brand Beauty Buffet, which combines the concept of a breakfast buffet and cosmetics in order to create unique products.

“Similar to a buffet breakfast where a wide selection of fascinating dishes is waiting to be tasted, Beauty Buffet offers a range of cosmetic products so that customers can try different beauty products before selecting their preferred choice,” he says.

The company’s sales are split 30% on international and 70% on domestic markets for both offline and online channels.

“We aim to expand our market overseas by forming strategic partnerships and pushing sales to grow effectively as a regional brand,” Kitiveshpokawat says.

Currently, Beauty Buffet is focusing on three main channels: cross border e-commerce, general trade, and retail and wholesale through both online and offline channels. However, Kitiveshpokawat believes that a strong online presence is of most importance in the current market.

“We see the use of online platforms as the key to generating sales,” he says. “No matter how beauty trends change, products are mostly sold online.”

Beauty Buffet branches are opening in neighbouring countries, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, with the company planning to expand its distribution channels throughout ASEAN, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, the company is considering the appointment of agents to retail its products in overseas markets, such as Russia, India, Pakistan, Canada, Brunei, UAE and the Middle East.

“Beauty Buffet has signed a contract to appoint Carrot Mall as the distributor of Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam, which is the most popular product among Chinese consumers from all of the company’s 1,400 products,” Kitiveshpokawat says.

“We will work together on the marketing strategy, to create promotions that link all marketing tools, and to continuously enhance the quality of and develop new products to stimulate sales and create a wider awareness with customers.”

For more information, please visit www.beautybuffet.co.th

Words by Natthinee Ratanaprasidhi