Businesses Urged to Target Chinese Women

Thai businesses have been urged to supply products for women in China, as this market segment is growing rapidly.

According to a report by the DITP’s office in Guangzhou, the female products’ market was valued at 2.5 trillion yuan (US$0.37 trillion) in 2018, and it is expected to reach 4.5 trillion yuan (US$0.6 trillion) this year.

“Chinese women love shopping in malls and travelling to other popular tourist destinations and shopping sites, and this helps boost the growth of this market,” Suppara Seakacharn, consul at the DITP’s office in Guangzhou, said.

She advised Thai exporters to supply garments, cosmetics and other lifestyle products to China.

“Thai brands should promote their products online. Social media and Chinese online influencers are effective channels for introducing Thai products and creating awareness among Chinese consumers,” Seakacharn advised.