DITP Think Thailand talks with Phuriwut Chantimapong, Managing Director of Slap Monster, a recently established film production company.

Can you tell us a little bit about your company?

Slap Monster aims to create a new standard for Thai films so they can compete with international films. We started with a group of enthusiastic people who share a passion for developing new concepts and creativity for Thai films. We aim to be different and provide a new perspective on the Thai film industry. Our core business is producing movies and series.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Being different and offering unique content is what Slap Monster stands for. I believe that we will deliver something new and unexpected to the audience. We have invested in producing our first film with a well-known production company, which has helped us gain experience and expand our networking partnership. It also guarantees that we strive to offer what’s best for audiences through working with experts in this field.

What has been your proudest achievement to date? 

It’s a movie named DEW, which was our company’s first production. We had an opportunity to invest with a well-known film production company, CJ MAJOR Entertainment. The movie was directed by the famous director, Chukiat Sakveerakul, who has won several awards. It was the first learning experience for us about the film industry. 

How do you maintain standards?

Slap Monster is committed to provide a high standard of film production. We control all the production process, which guarantees professionalism, effectiveness and quality.

How do you see the Thai entertainment industry compared to neighbouring countries?

I believe that the Thai entertainment industry has its own distinctive culture, and a reputation that is globally recognised. We have many talented film makers in the industry, capable of producing top-notch films and relevant services. What we really need to do is raise the bar to reach international standards by constantly improving the quality of the production and services.

How have you benefitted by participating in the DITP’s M.O.V.E (Multimedia Online Virtual Exhibition)?

MOVE was an effective business and networking platform. The event gave us the opportunity to meet international clients, exchange business ideas and present our products and services, which could lead to future business opportunities for the Thai film industry as well.

Words by: Manisa Phromsiripranee