Bright Future for Thai Health Food and Seasoning in China

Chinese consumers are reducing their salt intake and turning to healthy food, which is providing an opportunity for Thai businesses to export Thai food products to the country, states a DITP press release on June 19.

Data from the latest research from leading market intelligence agency Mintel showed that among consumers who have cooked in the last six months, about 55% of them have used less salt, while 37% used less Monosodium Glutamate and 36% cut using soy sauce. Moreover, 38% of consumers are reducing their salt intake by consuming less processed food such as instant noodles, sausages and chips.

“Thai food providers can export Thai health food and seasoning to China. They should educate consumers about the ingredients, nutrition and benefits to create awareness, and help them make their purchasing decisions,” DITP Overseas Office in Qingdao Director, Ketsuree Vijaranakorn, said.