Armazy Thailand: Healthy Plant-based Thai Ice Cream

Plant-based ice cream Armazy Thailand brand is both dairy and gluten free.

It uses only the highest quality ingredients targeting the health-conscious consumer.

The company plans to commence exports in the third quarter of this year.

In today’s world, remaining physically and mentally fit is more important than ever. With an increasing number of people opting for healthy plant-based diets, the Thai food and snack industry has developed innovative techniques to satisfy customer needs and consumer behaviour. 

Armazy Thailand, a plant-based ice cream brand that is both dairy and gluten free is suitable for health-conscious consumers of any age. The product has undergone extensive research and development to ensure that it uses only the highest quality ingredients.

“I am a firm believer that you are what you eat,” says Wassana Limwanichsint, founder of Armazy Thailand. “The business started with my intention of wishing to share the health benefits of consuming non-dairy products, which has been practiced in my family, especially my children who have become more accustomed to having a healthy diet.”

Limwanichsint’s personal experience of growing up in southern Thailand, an area where coconuts are grown locally, has played an important role in product development.

“Thai coconuts and coconut products are well known all around the world for their freshness, natural sweetness and numerous dietary benefits,” she says. “Armazy ice cream is mainly made from coconut water and dried flowers; it does not contain coconut milk or coconut cream, which helps increase the product’s shelf life while reducing export procedures as well.” 

According to Limwanichsint, strict quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. She adds that non-dairy products require less processing, which allows consumers to get as much nutrition as possible from each bite. 

“We try to retain all the health benefits both from coconut water and dried flowers. Apart from the delicious taste, our ice cream is defined by the delicate aroma from the dried flowers, including lavender, rose and chamomile. This guilt-free treat is beneficial to both body and mind.

“We are planning to launch new products for different age groups and keto-friendly products too. They will contain coconut milk but in moderation for products to still be healthy. We are blessed to have an abundance of available resources. This allows Thai manufacturers to be creative in the products they offer and increase the opportunity of entering new markets.” 

Customers from many countries have shown an interest in their products. 

“We are in the process of conducting business negotiations with companies in India, Singapore and Australia. Most likely we will be able to start exporting in the third quarter of this year,” she says. 

“Not only do I want my brand to be recognised for its benefits, creativity and innovation but its ability to represent the charm of Thai products and Thai coconuts in the global arena.”

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Photo courtesy of Armazy Thailand

Words by Manisa Phromsiripranee