An umbrella expert talks about her company,
a manufacturer of customised colour-changing umbrellas that can add some colour on a rainy day.

At STYLE Bangkok April 2019, Thai and international brands showcased outstanding design products to buyers flying in from every corner of the world.

One such is 88 Umbrella, which drew attention with its brightly-coloured umbrellas dotted around the booth, along with a special collection of umbrellas that change colour when wet.

Jitratthitipan Pothisat, Managing Director of 88 Umbrella, reveals that her company started out as a small shop before expanding to become the large manufacturer it is today.

“For 88 Umbrella, quality is the most important thing we offer our customers,” says Pothisat. “Today, we have a large production team that understand the needs and demands of our clients, and we provide a one-stop service, from design to manufacturing and exporting to companies abroad.”

All parts of umbrellas made by 88 Umbrella are customizable, from the handle, fabric and ferrule, to the designs, colours and logo. Pothisat says that her clients are mostly companies in Thailand and overseas, such as those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and the US.

“Most of our clients tell us they appreciate the quality of the umbrellas as they get their money’s worth due to our attention to detail and functionality,” says Pothisat.

Moreover, the company is also the manufacturer of Umbra, the first and only umbrella made in Thailand that changes colour when wet.

Pothisat says the idea of a colour-changing umbrella was inspired by the wish to add a dash of colour to a rainy day. The colour-changing umbrella is also convenient to use with its automatic opening and closing button, is UV-resistant with UPF 50+, and has a special fibre and umbrella structure that will ensure it will last much longer than other umbrellas.

“Brands and companies that order the colour-changing umbrellas really enjoy them, as their customers are delighted by the special feature, and this ensures they remember the brand that hands out these umbrellas,” says Pothisat.

To meet new customers as well as business partners, Pothisat reveals that STYLE, held by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, is one of the biggest exhibitions in the country offering an international trading platform.

“STYLE offers businesses an opportunity to meet international buyers and explore new products with good designs.”

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Words by Pimsirinuch Borsub