Riff Studio Bringing Thai Art to International Animation

Riff Studio makes animations that are uniquely Thai.

They provide animations for their clients as well as creating their own work.

The DITP has helped Riff connect with clients around the world.

Riff Studio was formed by a group of people who shared the same passion for making animation. Sornperes Subsermsri Co-Founder and CFO of Riff studio studied digital art in Thailand and the US. He realised that animation is a business with a high growth potential. Together with Veerapat Sattravaha, he created Riff studio so they could bring their ideas to life. 

“I believe that Thai animation has the potential to compete internationally,” Subsermsri says. “One of the things about art is that everyone has their own style and can create their unique work. Riff Studio believes in this uniqueness, and we try to deliver the best work.”

The studio provides creative service to clients who want to add animation to their product, whether it is a film, game or commercial. They also create their own work. Recently they produced a 90-minute animation video, Hanuman: The Mantra Warrior. This features Keng Tachaya, the singer from The Voice Thailand who composed the original score and sang the theme song. The aim of the animation is to showcase Thai style to the world. 

“Most of our clients are from Japan,” Subsermsri says. “One of the biggest projects that we are really proud of is Evangelion, one of the most popular animations in Japan. Some of our clients are from the US and Europe as well.”

Ultimately Subsermsri hopes that Riff Studio can break into Hollywood. 

“I think we can definitely bring our style and create a great service to satisfy clients from all over the world,” he says. 

Previously, Riff Studio joined a DITP business matching event that helped them connect with potential clients in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 

“The DITP helped us a lot in finding the right target group,” he says. “We got to know people from all over the world, which helped us to grow. For example, we now have the opportunity to pitch our Hanuman animation to the Cannes festival.

“I think the animation industry is at its peak now. Technology allows us to connect with clients from all over the world, so I think it is the right time for Thai animation to grow.” 

For more information, visit http://www.riff-studio.com/

Words by Ploylada Sirachadapong

Photo courtesy of Riff Studio