moreloop: Making the Circular Economy a Reality

moreloop: Making the Circular Economy a Reality

moreloop provides access for SMEs to utilise waste from fabric industry.

Owner Huvanandana believes it can help transform waste management and sustainability.

moreloop has already received international recognition for its dynamic approach.

With a vision that waste has a value, moreloop sells fine fabrics left over from the garment manufacturing process via online marketplace to small companies who see its potential further use.

“We gather surplus fabrics from quality garment factories and create a marketplace to allow SMEs to access quality fabrics at a reasonable price,” says Amornpol Huvanandana, Co-founder and CEO of moreloop. 

“Moreloop is a business that combines environmental sustainability with digital technology to build our own platform. Our vision is to make the circular economy a reality,” he adds.

Coming from a family of garment manufacturers, Huvanandana’s partner has seen the waste generated in the fabric industry at first hand.

“Talking with some 20 to 30 factories, we found that almost 90% of them have the same pain point of excessive fabric from the garment manufacturing process,” he says. “The garment industry creates a lot of waste, a problem we wish to solve.”

With a passion for waste management and the environment, Huvanandana’s intention is to create something that will change the society for the better. 

“I believe in a new era of startup businesses,” he says. “This will allow us to create some businesses that can actually solve big problems. We position ourselves as an intermediary to match leftover raw materials with customers without having to invest in buying new fabric from the factory.”

Huvanandana believes that since creating the moreloop brand, they have changed the perception of waste materials. “We do not call these fabrics dead-stock, but surplus fabrics. They are just excess, but not dead,” he says. 

In addition, moreloop also makes its own products, such as uniforms, bags and souvenirs. “What makes us different from businesses in the same industry is that moreloop acts both as an intermediary for selling raw materials, and makes upcycled products for clients.”

Already moreloop has received international acclaim, such as winning the SEED Low Carbon Awards 2021. SEED is a global collaboration founded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), for business with a focus on sustainability and the development of green economies. 

However, Huvanandana sees this as just being the start of the journey. “What we do is only the first loop,” he says. “We would like to move on to the next loop where we are the first to spring to mind when people consider the circular economy.”

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Words by Natthinee Ratanaprasidhi

Photo courtesy of moreloop