Taksa Toys: Learning Can Be Child’s Play

Taksa Toys creates toys that help children develop interpersonal skills.

It has won several accolades, including the European Product Design Award.

Taksa Toys has found success in many markets around the world with its high-quality products.

Taksa Toys was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating physical toys that would help children develop their interpersonal skills. 

“Taksa Toys was inspired by our son’s final year project at university, when we saw there was the potential to turn his project into a business,” explains co-founder, Fahdol na Nagara. “With DITP support he attended an international toy fair in Germany. My wife, Oranee na Nagara and I attended the fair too. There we realised the huge market for toy products, and finally decided to develop our business.”

Later that year they launched their first product, Resources® a set of construction toys with unique designs and features inspired by nature. 

“Our aim was to create a playful experience where children would enjoy themselves more if they play or solve challenges together. We believe in collaboration not competition. This is a fun way to develop their concentration and social skills through interactions,” na Nagara explains.

The brand has won several international accolades, including European Product Design Award, Tillywig’s Brain Child Awards 2017 and 2018 Eco-Friendly Toy of the Year.

Other products include ancient architectural building blocks Arch•Kid•Tech®, and LOCOMO® nature inspired toys made from natural rubberwood sawdust. The former helps with concentration and critical thinking, while the latter encourages children to experience outdoor activities and learning. 

Upcoming products include: Resources® Stack Master – a stacking and balancing toy inspired by the natural shape of rocks and pebbles, and Tell-O-Rama™ – a set of wooden toys that consist of the elements of a theatrical play, such as the stage, props and cast. This encourages children to develop their communication skills and to become storytellers. 

According to na Nagara, the brand has gained popularity worldwide, not only from families with young children but also for seniors and schools.

“Even though we are a SME business we now export to the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore,” he says. 

“Many schools choose our products. Each product provides a different functionality and learning experience. They can be used for calculation, enhance focus, personal skills and productivity. They can also be used as therapeutic tools for old-aged people in order to reduce anxiety and provide comfort.”

Taksa Toys’ main challenge is sourcing quality materials at a lower price. 

“All products are manufactured in Thailand using only local materials and local manufacturers,” na Nagara says. “Although the cost of raw materials is slightly higher, we still insist in delivering only high-quality products to our customers. 

“Thai materials are high quality and the manufacturers are knowledgeable and capable of offering useful solutions and suggestions. The Thai toy industry definitely has a potential to penetrate not only local markets but also at global level.” 

For more information, visit https://taksatoys.com

Photo courtesy of Taksa Toys
Words by Manisa Phromsirpranee