Thai mompreneur reveals how she has turned her love and care for her baby into a successful business.

“When my son was three months old, he suffered an allergic reaction to chemical substances in baby care products such as detergent, lotions and soap. At that time, I could not find any products in the market for him, therefore, I decided to make them myself,” Nednaphit Rungthanakiat, Managing Director of Lamoon Baby, explains how she started her own business eight years ago.

In 2011, she launched the brand Lamoon Baby, offering organic baby products for infants with sensitive skin. The first six products were a baby and hair wash gel, laundry liquid, baby accessories cleanser, bottle and nipple cleanser, sanitizer spray, and a cotton baby blanket.

After that, she has added more product lines, such as an organic baby wet wipe, a breastfeeding cover, a breast therapy pack for nursing mothers, a baby powder made from rice flour and baby toothpaste.

“Our products have 100% organic natural ingredients, and are chemical, fragrance and paraben free. They are certified by USDA from the US and Ecocert from France.” Rungthanakiat says. “Our customers can feel certain they will get high quality products for their beloved babies and themselves because our products are suitable for everyone with sensitive skin.”

She adds that her customers are well-educated mothers who are seeking the best for their babies. Once they feel satisfied with her products, they tell their friends, who may later become customers too.

In addition to Thai mothers, Lamoon baby products are exported to Cambodia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Rungthanakiat is also negotiating with potential partners in China and Vietnam.

“Although we do not have an official distributor in mainland China, we already have Chinese customers who have travelled to Thailand and bought our products here. They love our organic moisturizing gel wash and baby powder, but do not use the baby toothpaste. Meanwhile, the breastfeeding shawl is very popular among mothers in Hong Kong,” she explains. “Cambodian customers like the organic body and hair foam wash, the organic nipple and bottle cleanser, and the organic laundry liquid.”

Rungthanakiat believes the success of her business is due to her understanding her customers’ requirements, and her never compromising on quality.

“I am a mother, I know what mothers want for their baby. My company carefully selects high quality natural ingredients to make our products,” she says. “A convenient distribution channel is also key to business success. Customers can purchase our products through online or offline channels. We have a 24-hour customer service on Line applications because we know many mothers are online around the clock.”

Rungthanakiat plans to extend her distribution channels into leading supermarkets in Thailand, as well as exploring opportunities in target overseas markets, such as China.

“Trade fairs are also great platforms, allowing us to meet potential business partners and new customers,” she adds. “Lamoon Baby participated in DITP’s STYLE Bangkok April 2019 and we hope to get several business partners at the fair.”

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Words by Somhatai Mosika