Jello Boom: Innovative Healthy Jelly Product

Jello Boom: Innovative Healthy Jelly Product

Jello Boom is an innovative product that provides a different jelly-eating experience

Aim is to make Jello Boom a must-buy Thailand product and expand globally

Company benefitted greatly from support by DITP

“Jello Boom brand is a chewy Konjac jelly filled with real fruit juice that explodes in your mouth,” explain Dr Rosarin Rujananon and Sanarwee Kanluan, co-founders and managing directors of VT SWEET & FOOD INNOTECH.

Dr Rujananon explains that the original idea for the product was a chewable agar with fruit juice. It was given the name Woon-Ra-Berd (Bursting Jelly), which was then later developed into the current recipe. The production and packaging processes provide opportunities for growth both within Thailand and abroad under the brand Jello Boom, claims Dr Rujananon.

The product has eight flavours: strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, grape, lychee, plum, green apple and mixed berries. This low-calorie Konjac jelly (15 Kcal/piece) does not contain gelatin and preservatives. 

According to Dr Rujananon, Jello Boom is an innovative product that provides a different jelly-eating experience to anything experienced before, either in Thailand or abroad.

“100% of our customers gave feedback that they had never eaten this type of jelly before,” she says. “We provide a jelly-eating experience that is different. Both the form of the jelly and its distinctive taste give the impression that it is made from real fruit. It’s delicious and guilt-free.”

Dr.Rujananon adds that the company has received GMP and HACCP certifications, which are important for its exports. The goal is to make the products known and loved both by Thais and overseas. She believes that Jello Boom can be one of the must-buy items from Thailand, expanding its export customer base across Asia and eventually globally.

Dr Rujananon is full of praise for the support that the DITP has provided. 

“We were only a small company of entrepreneurs, but after attending a seminar at DITP Business AI, we had access to data on a wide range of products,” she says. 

“We were able to see demand, trends and growth opportunities for each product category that can be used to analyse the feasibility of future products including a place for market testing to reach the right audience. This reduces investment risks and product analysis errors. For us, it was well worth to join the DITP programme and expand our business.” 

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Photo courtesy of VT SWEET & FOOD INNOTECH

Words by: Ploylada Sirachadapong