Hong Kong: Beyond a Springboard to Mainland China

Hong Kong has been the global financial centre and the dominant gateway to Mainland China.

DITP Hong Kong has arranged a series of virtual trade fairs, in-store promotions and webinars.

Thai fruits are popular in Hong Kong, especially coconut, mango and durian.

Hong Kong is a leading global financial centre and perfect springboard for trading with mainland China and further across the region. A significant proportion of the city’s economic activity is linked to Greater China and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) as well as the ASEAN region.

Despite the pandemic, the DITP Hong Kong has continued to conduct hybrid activities including online trade exhibitions, virtual trade fairs, online business matching and webinars to promote not only trade from Thailand to Hong Kong but also services and investment into Thailand.

“DITP Hong Kong has been closely monitoring the efforts of the global community to tackle COVID-19,” Chanunpat Pisanapipong, Trade Commissioner & Consul, Executive Director of DITP Hong Kong, says. “Hong Kong has been able to control the pandemic effectively to the degree that there has been a very low number of local infections.” 

In March, DITP Hong Kong coordinated with provincial commerce offices in Thailand to organise Nam Dok Mai Mango business matching between Thai farmers, companies and Hong Kong importers. In May 2021, orders for more than 2,200 tonnes of mangos worth 100 million baht (US$3.18 million) were signed between farmers, Thai exporters and Hong Kong importers. As a result, the exports of Thai mangos increased by 464.37 percent in January to March 2021 compared with the same period the previous year. According to Pisanapipong, Thai fruits are popular in Hong Kong, with coconut, durian and mango being the best sellers. 

DITP Hong Kong had also launched in-store promotions with leading retailers in Hong Kong. In April, 759 stores in Hong Kong organised the Thai Food promotion that resulted in more than 2.4 million baht (US$76,438) in sales. During the AEON Thai Food Festival 2021 promotion activities with AEON Store for only two weeks had generated 69 million baht (US$2.19 million) of sales. 

DITP Hong Kong has been promoting and guaranteeing the authenticity of Thai restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau under the Thai Select Project. Currently, 36 Thai Select restaurants in Hong Kong have received the Thai Select certificate, up from 30 restaurants in 2020. This year DITP Hong Kong aims to increase public awareness and educate consumers as to the meaning of this quality mark by promoting Thai Select via major TV channels and online platforms.

DITP Hong Kong will organise two more webinars in 2021. The first in August will focus on Thai property, providing information on how to own property in Thailand. The second one will focus on Thailand’s medical, wellness and retirement home sectors, promoting the country as a medical hub in ASEAN.

Pisanapipong added that those considering starting and dealing a business in Hong Kong, should keep in mind QRS – Quality, Rapidness and Standards, as these are vital for success in Hong Kong. 

For more information, please contact: [email protected]. Photo courtesy of DITP’s Overseas Office in Hong Kong

Words by Petchanet Pratruangkrai