DITP Promotes Thai Fruit in Mumbai

The DITP’s overseas office in Mumbai, India and Berrika Online Grocery successfully organised a sales promotion activity for Thai fresh fruit and processed fruit for Indian consumers in December 2021.

The event’s highlight was a video clip about how to peel a durian and how to make a durian cheesecake, which was posted on social media channels including the Facebook page and Instagram account of Berrika and Mumbaifoodie. The clips, aimed at introducing Thai fruit and encouraging consumers to taste durian, received more than 34,000 views and positive comments from many chefs, food stylists, food bloggers and bakers.

During the promotional period, sales of Thai fruit increased by an average 156.8%. Those of rambutan, longan and mangosteen rose by 70-80%, fresh durian and durian chip by 100%, rose apple by 115%, and lychee by 540%, as Indian consumers were encouraged by the activity to purchase more Thai fruit.