Clamp It Delivers Eco-Friendly Toys to Develop Infants’ Intelligence

Clamp It toys are sustainable, eco-friendly and increase the EQ and IQ of children.

Products uses Clamp It’s Taper Lock assembly method.

The company has benefitted greatly from DITP courses.

It is not easy for parents to find the right toys for their infants. Clamp It was created through the vision of its co-founder Somruethai Lerttevasiri, who has over 30 years’ experience in designing toys. 

“We started the business in 2019,” says Lerttevasiri. “We want each toy to be sustainable and also environment friendly, so we spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with the materials we use. We discovered a MDF material, which is a substitute for wood and uses a non-toxic colour finishing.”

Clamp It is not only using eco-friendly materials that are safe for children, but the production method is very delicate and thoughtful. 

They use the ‘reuse, recycle and reduce’ principle to ensure each toy is both sustainable and eco-friendly. They do not use any screws or metal or plastic in their toys, but use their own Taper Lock assembly method which is copyrighted for Clamp It’s only inventions. Products are suitable for kids aged three and older. 

“We have various products that help develop both the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and IQ of children,” says Lerttevasiri. “For example, we have the Early Desk & Chair, which is a table and chair set that children can write or draw anything on, or the Co Module which is a block set they can use their imagination to create a helicopter, airplane or submarine.” 

Lerttevasiri is full of praise for the support they have received from the DITP.

“I had an opportunity to join many learning courses with the DITP, such as Tonkla to Goal 2021, and Idea Lab which helped me to get an idea of how to develop my business, and to learn how to export our products,” she says. “The most important thing is to attend business matching events and meet potential clients.” 

Even though her business was founded just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, from the knowledge she gained from these courses, she realised the opportunity to connect with clients through online channels. 

Clamp It’s main export targets are Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Denmark and the US.

“In 2022, we hope to join the International Toy Fair in Germany, which is a project we have joined through the SME Proactive project by DITP,” she says. “I see a lot of potential business there.” 

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Photo courtesy of Clamp It

Words by Ploylada Sirachadapong