Sirbsakul Klaewtanong, CEO of Zsiska Design, reveals how Thai craftsmanship has been a key to creating his jewelry products, as well as his views on the future of Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry.

Could you share the story behind Zsiska Design?

Our brand was founded by a Dutch jewelry designer who moved to Thailand 30 years ago. Siska Schippers founded the company in 1992 in Thailand. Her creative talent and artistic energy as the creative director adds a refined touch to all the pieces. So this is the origin of our brand name.

How does Zsiska Design stand out from your competitors?

We are experts in resin jewelry. Our product selling points are design, handmade and quality. Even our products look very western, but now are designed by Thai designers who truly understand the western market. In terms of quality and technique, we have developed refined technical skills and high quality standards to ensure our resin jewelry will last for many years. Every bead is painted, polished and knotted by hand. Each piece of ZSISKA is 100% handmade by Thai people. Thai craftsmanship has been in the DNA of Thai people for a long time.

Who are your customers?

Our target group is adult women who like to dress up in their own colours and style. We believe in strong and elegant women who know what they want. Our largest market is the US and Canada with 50% of total sales. Next is the European market – Russia, Holland, France, Spain and Italy, with approximately 30%. The remaining 20% ​​is Australia, Singapore and Japan.

In your view, how is the Thai jewelry industry regarded globally?

The Thai jewelry industry has stood out in the world market for a long time especially due to its high skill levels. However, at the moment, the cost of raw materials, labour cost and currency exchange rate may have an impact on production costs. The main thing is that even though exports are affected by the global market the uniqueness of Thai craftsmanship still helps create value for the industry as long as Thai people maintain the high standards of their jewelry work.

What are your future plans?

At this point we are quite satisfied with the quality of our branding. Now, we are interested in manufacturing for other world class jewelry designers who are interested in resin jewelry. We are also interested in creating more luxury-oriented brands, perhaps adding Thai silver and gold to our high-end jewelry.

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Words by Natthinee Ratanaprasidhi